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Find what you're paying for today, knowingly or not. Then, say goodbye to unwanted bills forever.

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70% of Americans waste over $600 on subscriptions annually. Give us 5 minutes and we’ll make sure you’re not one of them.



Find all of your subscriptions

Link any credit or debit cards to find out the bills you’re paying for, knowingly or not!


Cancel any unwanted bills with a click

Simply auto-connect your subscriptions to the ScribeUp Card and hit cancel. That’s it!


We’ll take it from here

Subscriptions connected to ScribeUp are now on autopilot! Enjoy your subscriptions without the hassle of managing them.

Subscriptions are so much more enjoyable when someone manages them for you

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Risk-Free Trials

Cancel any subscription with the click of a button
Save time and energy by avoiding customer service calls and chat bots. Easily cancel any of your subscriptions with just one click.
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Total visibility into your subscriptions
We'll track your subscriptions behind the scenes, so you can have full transparency into your subscriptions spending and usage. Try a new trial? We'll detect it, track it and remind you.
Never get charged with an unwanted subscription bill again
We proactively assess incoming charges on your ScribeUp Card and only accept the ones you want. Is a service you thought you canceled still trying to charge you? Not on our watch.
Get alerted when it matters
Don't worry about setting calendar reminders for free trial expirations. We'll alert you 2 days before your trial ends.
Save money with rewards you're leaving on the table
Save money on your subscriptions with ScribeUp Rewards. Shop like normal (with any card), automatically earn ScribeUp Rewards, and save on your monthly subscription bill.
Try free trials without the fear of unwanted bills
1. Try a risk-free trial 2. We'll remind you 2 days before it's due 3. If you forget, we'll make sure you're not charged
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They leveled up with ScribeUp

This is genius! I feel so much more organized, and it was so much easier than I expected! Just sent my family a text to all do this - I'm sure they're paying for much more than they realize! Would recommend!”

Katherine T

“Finally! Been waiting for such a product to handle all the mess of subscriptions with different dates, accounts, etc. It's seamless and helps you avoid unnecessary payments for those subscriptions you forgot or not even use anymore!”

Dan C

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What is ScribeUp?

ScribeUp is a free tool that helps people manage, control and save money on their subscriptions. Here’s how we help you do that:
  1. Find the subscriptions you're paying for today and cancel any you don’t want.
  2. Connect subscriptions to your ScribeUp Card to track your spending and unsubscribe from any service with one click.
  3. Enjoy your subscription management on autopilot!! We'll remind you 2 days before any bill, allow you to enjoy risk-free trials of new services and much more!
We are the first service to provide users with proactive subscription management, and thus peace of mind. We proactively ensure our users are never charged for a service they don’t want, rather than retroactively informing users when they’ve already been charged with an unwanted bill. Our payment logic affords users the freedom to try new services without the fear of unwanted bills, giving you complete control with none of the hassle.

What is ScribeUp’s mission?

Our goal is to empower users to freely interact with the powerful services that offer efficiency, health and joy to our modern lives. Our vision is to be the gateway that dynamically and flexibly controls these powerful services for our users, breaking free from today’s burden of discretely managing each of your 20+ individual monthly subscription bills. We take care of the financial stress, you focus on enjoying the services that add value to your day-to-day. Let’s all make unwanted bills, long customer service calls and subscription fatigue a thing of the past.

Is ScribeUp free?

Yes, ScribeUp is completely free to use. There are no fees or hidden charges. You only pay for subscriptions you add to your ScribeUp Card, and you can unsubscribe from any active subscription with a single click. If you use ScribeUp for a free trial, we'll automatically block any charges once it ends. Even more - you’ll be able to save on your monthly subscription bills with ScribeUp Rewards.

How does ScribeUp make money?

We make our money on interchange fees - if a user connects a subscription to their ScribeUp Card and pays for it each month, we get a small percentage of the revenue from the merchant. This does not increase your subscription price or add any more cost for you. It comes completely out of the merchant’s end.
We don't sell any of your personal data, and we are completely free to use. ScribeUp charges no hidden fees for our service or card.

Who can use ScribeUp?

Today, ScribeUp is only available to users who are over 18 years of age and located in the United States. We certainly hope to expand internationally into the future!

Try your next favorite 
service, without risk

We auto-detect free trial signups, remind you to keep or cancel 2 days before it ends and, if you forget, we block the charge.

Subscribe smarter with ScribeUp Card

We manage your trials and bills that you connect to our ScribeUp Card. Pay only for the ones you want and we’ll work our magic to keep unwanted bills away. 


Stop stressing about subscriptions

There’s finally a way to enjoy your subscriptions without the hassle of managing them.

It’s 100% free!