Embed subscription management into your
digital banking experience

ScribeUp partners with banks, credit unions and fintechs to offer the best-in-class subscription management suite, embedded natively within your mobile and desktop experiences.

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Consumers are demanding subscription management from their banking providers

3 out of 4

consumers want in-app subscription management from their banking provider


would consider switching to a banking provider with subscription management features

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banking experience desired by US consumers today

Track, manage and cancel subscriptions, all within your digital experience

Equip your digital banking platform with cutting-edge features that enhance your user experience and significantly boost your revenue.

Cancel with 1-click

Users save time and energy by cancelling subscriptions with a click, directly from your banking app.

Find hidden subscriptions, on any bank

Users can link any card or banking relationship to identify subscriptions they’re paying for, knowingly or not!

Get alerted when it matters

Users are notified before their recurring bills are due, and can even sync these reminders with their personal calendar.

Offer personalized ways to save

Users can identify actionable ways they can save or stay ahead of their recurring bills. From new promotions to upcoming price hikes…we have your users covered.

Unlock financial and strategic value by offering subscription management


Maximize Card Revenue

Increase your customer card spend through aggregating and capturing recurring bills.


Reduce Costs of ‘Friendly Fraud’

Reduce card disputes, customer service calls, and replacement costs by keeping users proactive with their bills instead of reacting to unwanted charges.


Unlock High LTV Opportunities

Identify third-party loans, direct deposits, and card spending opportunities to deliver personalized offers and deepen customer relationships.


ScribeUp is bank-grade secured & compliant

ScribeUp ensures that we meet the highest compliance standards for our financial partners, maintaining top-notch information security protocols and assisting in reducing compliance-related risks

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external institutions ScribeUp scans for subscriptions and recurring bills


accuracy in classifying transactions as recurring


merchants accurately identified and tagged by ScribeUp

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